Weekly Task List

How to Keep Track of Everything At Once

Weekly Task List

I find that keeping up with everything I have to do in any given week is difficult. Making lists and putting things on a calendar helps, but still it can be hard to juggle the different types of tasks such as work, home, personal stuff, errands, and appointments. You may have even more categories I haven't listed here.

What works for me is to create a weekly list that includes everything I have to do all in one place. I haven't found that putting all of it on my phone or tablet calendar works too well, so I created a table that I can type directly into and use over and over. I have it on my iPad because that's what I use the most, but it can be placed on your desktop or another tablet that has some sort of document app. I have it currently in Pages on the iPad, and in Word on my desktop. Both are printable which can come in handy.

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The idea of this list is to put everything on it you need to remember. I make mine quite detailed. I list things I do everyday but sometimes forget, like taking vitamins in the morning. I will sometimes list things in the order I have to do them (from morning til night), or sometimes in categories such as morning, errands, work, personal, kids, etc. I always place bills due on the days I need to pay them. This is helpful because it avoids late payments. If you have automatic payments set up, you wouldn't need this.

I also find it helpful to make a monthly goal list that includes everything I want to accomplish in a month. This list also is often divided into categories such as home, work and personal. I then take the items on this list and place them on the weekly lists so they are just automatically in my sight and I don't have to carry that list in my head all the time. Carrying lists in your head creates real stress. It absorbs a lot of your attention and clutters your mind. Emotionally, it can be overwhelming and make you feel like you're spinning!

I've included a copy of my Weekly Task List in Word so that you can make use of it if you like.

Download Here


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