Veggie Saute with a French Twist

Veggie Saute with a French Twist

I usually have a cookfest on Sunday, and sometimes a new recipe evolves that turns out to be both tasty and healthy. This one combines veggies with white wine and herbs, and is saute'd slowly to create a syrup like sauce that is sweet and aromatic. It's great served alone, but also quite good over brown rice. Here's the recipe. Enjoy!


4 or 5 organic carrots, peeled and washed
1 small bag of pearl onions, ends trimmed and peeled
1 lb. white mushrooms, sliced
small package green beans, trimmed (about a cup)
white wine (good quality)
veggie broth
Herbs de Provence
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper


Step 1

Prepare the mushrooms first. Clean and slice thinly. In a medium high non-stick skillet, stir fry the mushrooms in a little olive oil. Keep the heat high enough so that they quickly cook and begin to sweat. Pour in enough white wine to barely cover them and reduce the heat to a lively boil. Grind some black pepper over them. Let them cook down until all of the liquid is gone, and then cook them a little longer until the are lightly browned. Remove and reserve in a bowl.

Step 2

In a clean non-stick skillet with a top, add a Tbs. of olive oil or more if desired. Heat to medium. When hot, add the onions and cooked for 3 minutes until they begin to barely brown. Slice the carrot length ways so that they are about the same thickness. Add them to the pan and mix enough to coat with olive oil. Salt and pepper the veggies, and sprinkle generously with Herbs de Provence. Add about a third cup of veggie broth and an equal amount of white white. Cover the pan and simmer.

Step 3

When the carrots begin to become tender, but not all the way, add the green bend on top of the carrots spread across the pan. Mix a little to get them immersed slightly in the broth and wine. Add more broth and wine if needed. Add another sprinkle of Herbs de Provence over the green beans. Cover and simmer.

Step 4

Check often to see if the vegetables are tender. Once they are, take off the top and cook the liquid down until it is somewhat syrupy in the bottom of the pan. I add white wine as the veggies cook if more liquid is needed. The combo of the wine and onions makes a sweet syrup.

Step 5

When the veggies are tender, pour the mushrooms over the mixture in the pan and heat everything through. Done!

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